Project overview

“The community we envision has genuine two way-exchanges: down from the North and up from the South."

This project consists in a series of seminars and research activities focused on free will, agency, and responsibility. We believe there is untapped potential for high-level philosophical work on these topics within Latin America, and many avenues for creating sustainable dialogues on these issues across the Americas. Our aim is to cultivate that potential, forging a community of philosophers positioned to pursue original, creative, and collaborative work on these topics.

During the next 3 years, we seek to provide early career researchers with opportunities to produce and sustain high-level research on free will, agency, and responsibility. Our goal is to build an Americas-wide dialogue among philosophers pushing discussions on these topics in new directions, including collaborations across the Americas.

This project is funded by a generous, US$1.2 million grant from the John Templeton Foundation, with support from Universidad de los Andes and University of California in San Diego.

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